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2024 Love Forever First Class Postage Stamps

2024 Love Forever First Class Postage Stamps

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The new Love stamp for 2024 is a reminder that the sentiments we send through the mail are far larger than the letters and cards that convey them.

The digital illustration on this stamp features a highly stylized white bird made out of four geometric shapes shown against a rich red background. Facing the upper right corner of the stamp, the bird carries in its beak a pink envelope sealed with a red heart.

The envelope carried by the bird on this stamp serves a purpose similar to the stamp itself, hinting at a fond greeting from a loved one even before the letter or card has been opened. The red, white, and pink of this design call to mind the traditional colors of Valentine’s Day cards and decorations, but as with all previous Love issuances since the series began in 1973, this stamp encourages us to open our hearts and express our feelings on any occasion—especially when it comes as a welcome surprise.

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